Start translating the "Runalyze-Master" components - At "Runalyze-Master (xlf)" translate the "Source and translated strings are same" strings - All the translations are automatically propagated through all components
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Other components

Project Translated Words Review Checks Suggestions
Runalyze v4.0 (po)
91.2% 89.3% 4.5% 13 0 Translate
Runalyze-Master (po)
88.8% 87.6% 6.2% 12 0 Translate
Runalyze-Master (xlff)
100.0% 100.0% 0.0% 361 0 Translate

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Percent Strings Words
Total 478 2828
Translated 100.0% 478 2828
Review 0.0% 0
Failing check 53.1% 254

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