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3 months ago None Committed changes Runalyze/Glossary - Traditional Chinese
3 months ago Michael Pohl Suggestion accepted Runalyze/Glossary - Traditional Chinese
%VO2max% is a scientific metric for the maximal oxygen uptake that is highly correlated with one's maximal running performance. Still, two athletes with equal 是一個與極限跑步表現有很大相關之科學化最大攝氧量指標.兩個跑者可能有相同的%VO2max% values do not need to perform equally as their efficiency may differ. Instead of the exact 數值,但他們的表現可能不盡相同,因為其跑步效率仍然有差異.相對於在實驗室量測的精確%VO2max% (which can be measured in a lab), the combination of ,我們對於%VO2max% and running efficiency is of intereset. The resulting Effective 及跑步效率的結合較有興趣,其反應出的有效%VO2max% can be used as direct predictor for upcoming running events.可被用來直接預測後續的跑步活動.
4 months ago Ian Huang Suggestion added Runalyze/Glossary - Traditional Chinese
%VO2max% 是一個與極限跑步表現有很大相關之科學化最大攝氧量指標.兩個跑者可能有相同的%VO2max% 數值,但他們的表現可能不盡相同,因為其跑步效率仍然有差異.相對於在實驗室量測的精確%VO2max% ,我們對於%VO2max% 及跑步效率的結合較有興趣,其反應出的有效%VO2max% 可被用來直接預測後續的跑步活動.
4 months ago None Resource update Runalyze/Glossary - Traditional Chinese
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